The problem with me and food

Some more of my background!
It is important to know that when losing weight or getting fitter, exercise is not the whole story, diet is a big part of it too. It is also important to realise that reasons for overeating often go far beyond simple greediness or poor self control…

Project Warrior Goddess

Or should I say the problems…

Me and food have a complicated relationship, and I haven’t really gone into it much on this blog because I have been all about the fitness and all about moving forward into a new healthy lifestyle.

Don’t get me wrong, I am still all about that.

But I thought it was time to tell you about some realities relating to me and my general diet and attitude towards food, and a little bit about where I think it has come from.

What made me have this thought right now, I hear you ask…

Well it came from a  twitter update I made on Tuesday and a conversation I had with a work colleague on the same day.

The picture was this one:

IMG_1876 2 years and 7 months! I barely recognise the person on the left, I certainly never felt like I looked like that…

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