Client Testimonials


Magda came to me last November following a flare up of a congenital posture problem which she has had since she was a child. She was by no means a stranger to exercise and had a good level of fitness, but had been concerned about continuing to exercise and make her back worse.

We embarked on a 6 week training program with 2 – 3 sessions a week where I introduced her to core bracing methods which support the lower back non damaging methods of strengthening the whole core (front and back) In addition to this we worked on high intensity intervals and strength training to increase fitness and improve body composition. We monitored this through standard fitness tests and body composition measurements, all of which showed improvement.

Sam is an extremely approachable, kind and fun person to be with. She made me feel comfortable and safe whilst exercising. I have always been an active person but due to a lower back injury was afraid to start exercising again. She explained to me what to do and how to do it, what are the pros and cons of each type of exercise. She explained what I should do to strengthen my back. The overall experience was very positive. I now exercise regularly without the fear of injuring my back again. I feel better about myself and I can honestly say it’s down to Sam’s practical and professional approach.

Magda King


Sammy contacted me in September looking for help to start her weight loss journey and return to exercise and fitness. She expressed apprehension but also explained that she had exercised in the past but due to injury had stopped and consequently put on weight. She was looking for help and motivation to change unhealthy eating patterns and restart her exercise plan.

Sammy explained that she enjoyed kettlebells and resistance exercises so we have built our sessions around this but with the addition of different equipment and cardio exercises to maintain variation and interest. This coupled with advice about diet and weekly “check ins” to keep her on track has allowed Sammy to make amazing progress and she has made excellent progress towards her goals.

“Look at my knees!”
I can honestly say this time last year I would not have thought I would be where I am now – which is a much lighter and happier place!
From being a chubby child, to losing it all in my mid twenties (and being a size 8!), I had a back injury in which 3 years later I had allowed myself to gain 6 stone-I had majorly fallen off my wagon and rolled down several hills!
Feeling desperate to find a way of sticking at healthy eating and exercise I saw a post on Facebook from Real Fitness Sussex. I have never stepped foot in a gym, I’ve always been a home fitness person. The thought of a stranger seeing me looking so out of shape and bearing my arms scared me witless but something had to be done..
It reassured me to learn Sam had been on a weight loss journey of her own and helped break the ice when I was sweating in all the wrong places and things where jiggling that shouldn’t have been!!
Sam started helping me with this process at the beginning of September 2015 and we aimed by the end of December that I would have lost 2 – 2.5stone. As I sit here on January the 1st 2016 I have gone from 16.5 stone down to 12.3 stone – that’s 4 stone!
“I have knees again”
I aim to loose another 2 – 2.5 stone but I can honestly say I would not be where I am if it wasn’t for Sam.
Her dedication and passion for what she does has really helped me. Any time I have felt weak and wanted to reach for a glass of wine/overindulge something I shouldn’t she was replying to my text messages within 10 minutes helping me keep strong. Knowing Sam is coming to see me once a week (or more if I’m feeling particularly dedicated!) Keeps me on track.

The amount I pay for this lady has saved me a hell of a lot of money on unhealthy food and drink and is worth so much more for how she has helped me find myself and be happy again.

I have a way to go but thanks Sam, so much, for helping me get here and guiding me on the right path again.
Watch this space – the next and final recommendation WILL be in three months when I’m my sexy size 8 again 🙂

 Sammy G

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